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She started with doing covers of celebrated songs and impressed the managers of Sony as a singer with perfect voice and ear for music.. This show was extremely popular among the United Kingdom population, which made Leonas first yet-unreleased single, A Moment Like This, incredibly anticipated.

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Finally, she prepared her first demo, Twilight, composed of her own songs, featuring her respectable authors abilities.. The girl mastered choreography, stage acting and singing there At 12, Leona wrote her first song and soon won her first talent competition for artists under 18.. Leona Louise Lewis was born in London, April 3, 1985, to the family of Afro-British descent.. However, the album had poor promotion and failed to draw much attention It was an end of Leonas hopes and cause of her long deep depression.. It was downloaded by over 50,000 users within 30 minutes, breaking the world record.

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Leona did her best to participate in most parts of this large creative process Spirit met all the highest expectation of both, the makers and the listeners of the album.. This victory gave her the final confidence in her artistic future as she chose the way to the music stage. Calendar Template For Mac

leona lewis spirit album

As The X Factor triumphant, Leona Lewis received a contract with a music recording company.. Nevertheless, Lewis pulled herself together and took one last chance Her overwhelming performance left no doubt of who deserved the first place.. Her debut studio album, Spirit, became a massive international project involving 70 people as musicians, authors and choristers.. Aged 19, she won Yatess Wannabe Talent Contest with the song Always Be My Baby She captivated the jury and the spectators with brilliant singers talent, artistry and personal magnetism.. Lewis worked hard in different areas to collect the money she needed to make her first record.

leona lewis spirit album cover

She perfected her skills at the BRIT School before receiving an offer from the USA producers.. The experts were stunned by the widest range of her voice and naturalness of her attitude on the stage.. It became platinum five times in the UK alone was sold in two million elsewhere in the world.. Still, triumphs at such events did not find her good contracts Leona had to record the demo of her own material to show what she really was. b0d43de27c